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1- Select your articles  with the help of the menu 
2-Highlight  the  following  order  form​:on botton page.
4 -Click  "contact" or  e-mail me :

All my work is tailor-made and costumized:

for you, nobody else will have it 

show it ,use it, give it as a present

1-  Choice of articles:      

Cushion  covers, short or large lace curtains , towels, lingerie , personal bags/pouch..

2-  Tell me  Colour  and  Pattern; your choose, tell me the finish you like...

3- Fabric colour :  ivory or flax" natur linen" 

...letters or monograms the colours you like)

4- Measures and picture to fit it.

...(in case little curtains inside window on glass)

 5- For Budget I estimate in a few days...

Important : Name  and  e-mail  for delivery required

When you send me a picture and measures I deliver you a personal proposal  and price.

If you accept terms delivery is in a month.


Please review my shop:


To have a idea what affordables is my work....

The process begins...

Awareness made

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