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Embroidery with cross-stitch on linen :

The Linen-workshop offers a unique collection of handmade products with attractive and French style inspired with the genuine tradition of craftsmanship , all products are light coloured (beige) and natural colour of the Linen (grey colour ) made in the best quality fabric "Master of Linen" which guarantees European origin, culture and the best fiber that gives rise to the best yarn (best Irish linen).

Customizing makes all the difference with Linen Workshop, you can do it with initials but you can also do it with a graph or a drawing "to choose," I have a collection of graphs and decorative embroidery in cross stitch on linen for any person whatsoever. 
Geometry designs ,Celtic designs and floral patterns ready to make...
Ancient initials, French,Roman, Celtic, English, alphabet letters on ornate or simple linen are precious.

Please review my blog, there are ideas and graphs : 
​Thanks a lot  for your confidence  ...


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