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Linen  Workshop






I attended The Massana School of Art in Barcelona, I do discover the tradition of Linen  from my grand-mother and I was very attacted to it. I have been working with linen for 15 years retrieving a tradition that nowadays only is carried out by our elders women.
I use Linen to create and design unique soft furnishings for  home : window with drawn-thread work curtains ,customized cover cushions ,personal lingerie,all for  home and special occasions as proposal for a perfect gift :weddings , christeninngs, retirements and birthdays .
From the purity of Linen, vegetal fibre of extraordinary texture I do use it for such creative process. For me linen is  a Blank canvas.
My colours create light & relaxing atmosphere with a sense of French style which inspired me .


Among de natural fibers

Handcraft, handmade

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I am a member of C.C.O.I (Council Craft 

of Ireland)

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